How to Earn Money and Make Smart Investments in Pure Farming 2018

In Pure Farming 2018 you’re running a global farming empire. Grow crops, raise livestock and invest in green energy to make money from your land, and use that money to grow your farm.
Manage your business well and soon you’ll be able to expand your farming empire to exotic overseas lands.
Read on to learn about the ways you can earn money in the game, and the ways you can invest it.
Smart Farm

One of the most powerful tools at your disposal in Pure Farming 2018 is your tablet.
As well as viewing current objectives and important information about your farm, you can use the tablet to perform such tasks as:
Buy new fields, vehicles, seeds, livestock and other assets.
Upgrade buildings, such as expanding silos so they can store more grain.
Sell crops and other produce.
Check current prices in local markets.
Hire workers.
Buy fuel for your machines and run a service check.
Arrange transportation of your vehicles.
As a general rule of thumb, your tablet is the fast way of doing things, but the pricing is less in your favour than doing them the manual way.
For example: You’ve just harvested your wheat field and it’s time to sell the crop. To get the best price you can drive the wheat to the collection point in the nearby town. Or, you could sell it instantly using your tablet, but you’re not going to get such a good price.
Similarly, if your combine harvester runs out of fuel in the middle of the harvest, it’s going to cost you more to buy fuel via the tablet than if you’d planned ahead and driven to the gas station.
Managing income and outgoings

It goes without saying: You want to maximise the money coming in and minimise your spending.
Ways to generate income include:
Selling produce from your fields and your livestock.
Regular income from generating green energy.
Ways to spend money include:
Expanding your farm with new fields, buildings and, eventually, new overseas farms.
Buying machines, crops, fertilizer, animals, feed and other essentials.
Hiring workers.
A smart way to operate is to find ways to avoid paying extra for certain resources. For example, you can feed your cattle grass that you mow from your meadows instead of buying synthetic feed. Or you can use the animals’ manure as opposed to buying fertilizer.
If your account balance doesn’t currently match your ambition, you can also get an instant cash injection with a bank loan. Just bear in mind the interest is going to eat into your profits.
Watch the market

Growing beautiful crops and raising healthy livestock is what being a farmer is all about. But it also pays to have a head for business and keep an eye on the market.
Prices of crops change throughout the course of the game so pick the right time to sell. For example, just after a harvest might not be when the prices are highest, so you may choose to store your crop and wait for prices to rise.
An extra pair of hands

Managing a global farming empire is no mean feat for a single farmer. So you can hire workers to help you out with specific jobs.
Workers can be hired on a job-by-job basis and they can do pretty much any job out in the field, as well as operate machines.

As you can see, if you want to build a global farming empire in Pure Farming 2018, it’s not just about getting your hands dirty in the field. A modern farmer needs to be a savvy businessperson at the same time.
Pure Farming 2018 is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on March 13, 2018. Pre-order now.

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