Attention, farmers! The Steam Workshop support has now been added to the PC version of the game. Thanks to the Pure Farming Workbench, as we call it, you’ll have much easier time browsing the available mods or sharing your creations with the rest of the community.
You can find the Workbench on Steam under the Community tab.

Below, you can find full patch 1.2 notes:
Camera’s rotation smoothness has been improved
Improved stability of the game
Fixed camera position when enter vehicle for first time
Rock colliders has been improved
Fixed bug with some achievements not possible to unlock in campaign mode
Fixed a bug that prevented the front loader and attachments from cleaning with a hand washer
Minor radio fixes

[PC] Steam Workshop
[PC] Steam Workshop Exporter tool
[PC] Importer cisterns
[PC] Importer sprayers
[XBOX ONE X] 4k + full res textures for XBOX ONE X
Virtual Garage has been added
A new sound system for devices and engines has been added
Added new system to reset devices and vehicles when they are blocked
[PC] Central real mirror added in some vehicles (eg. Mitsubishi)
[PC] Real Mirrors optimisation
Increased capacity of Galucho Transcow to 6 cows and 10 pigs
Added horn to vehicles
Added new tips on loading screen
[CONSOLE] Insight into the state of vehicles from the tablet – not only in the workshop
[CONSOLE] Added new Tablet UI from DELL
[CONSOLE] Animation of loading boxes on the L200 – opening the tailgate during loading
[CONSOLE] Added marking of pallets with raw materials

Pure Farming

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  1. Patrick says:

    Is there a fix to raise the jack on the galucho transcow trailer once you have it hooked up? I play on Xbox one. Makes it hard to pull when the jack doesn’t come up.

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